Sweet Success: Impactful Consumer Insights to Boost Your Brands

Sweet baked goods are a bright spot in our mature industry. Manufacturers like the growth they deliver in a stagnant market while consumers are on board with the indulgence and versatility these items bring throughout the day. So, how important is pricing and promotions when shoppers are deciding between something new or standing behind a lifelong favorite? What role does packaging and product placement play with consumers during the decision-making process? Equally relevant is the ability to understand what’s important once these items make it home and are consumed. Tapping into a robust research methodology that incorporates input directly from your customers themselves, we will reveal the key purchase drivers and opportunities that exist based on consumer experiences with your products. This session will reveal unique and impactful insights that can help brand owners and bakery manufacturers appreciate and respond to the evolving dynamics that shape our industry. 

Learning Objectives

  1. Identify consumer purchase, consumption, and loyalty behaviors
  2. Recognize unmet needs and opportunities within the category
  3. Apply insights within their own teams, fostering ideas and innovation to drive growth

Nick Ferraro, DuPont Nutrition & Health

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