Clean Label – Mythbusting Edition

Consumer research continues to indicate that a majority of consumers are looking for ingredient lists that are simple and understandable. Many food manufacturers are working to make products with cleaner, simpler ingredients as a response to consumer desire for transparency in the foods they eat. As ingredient lists are made shorter and simpler, often functional ingredients may need to be removed. Finding alternatives is often challenging. How many ingredients are on your label? How many do you need to make a good quality product? These are key questions to ask yourself. While consumers don’t want long confusing ingredient legends, they still want high quality, convenient foods that have a fair shelf-life. Many hurdles and pitfalls can occur as bakers look to clean up labels.

Learning Objectives

  1. Contrast consumer perceptions and industry viewpoints related to cleaner label products as well as labeling regulations such as organic and natural
  2. Show solutions for replacing functional ingredients with clean label alternatives & describe results in performance, volume, appearance and shelf-life
  3. Describe production and processing hurdles and pitfalls to avoid when switching to “cleaner” labels

Nicole Rees, AB Mauri North America

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