Engineering Ask-the-Expert Lunch & Learn Session 3: Packaging & Warehousing

In Session 3 we will be discussing the Best Practices that have been applied to identifying, defining, and running projects in packaging, product handling, and finished goods staging and warehousing.  Specifically, we will discuss –

  • Successful approaches to projects that necessitate the integration of various technologies, equipment, and components, a common requirement in packaging and finished product projects.
  • Methods that can be used to minimize the number of outside personnel in the plant during installation and startup phases of a project, and subsequently, to maintain the installed equipment.
  • We have all heard the term “appropriate technology”; in packaging and finished goods management, what types of “appropriate technology” has proven itself reliable and successful in improving efficiency and minimizing cost.


Jim Kline, The EnSol Group

Josh Becker, Harpak-Ulma
Gary Brodsky, Consultant
John Keane, AMF Bakery Systems
Michael Lucchesi, Gonnella Baking Co.