Technical Presentation 6: Successful Expansion with Hygienic Design and Cross Functional Teams

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New line construction involves decisions that have a lasting impact and thinking holistically about decisions is critical to long-term success. To optimize operational efficiency and maximize production time on a line, it’s important to consider the impact of hygienic design choices on operations, maintenance, sanitation, and food safety. The wins that can be achieved through implementing hygienic design principles should be discussed early in the process, with considerations to not only the immediate project goals, but how to achieve long term, sustainable success. The session will focus on applying hygienic design principles and the wins that can be achieved across multiple functions as it relates to:

  1. Equipment. In additional to the functionality of equipment, considerations should be made for ease of cleaning, maintaining, and inspecting.
  2. Infrastructure. The surrounding area and supporting utilities should be designed to support simple maintenance and food safety.
  3. Line layout. Factors including hygienic zoning and placement of equipment and utilities impact the management of food safety and sanitation programs.

Focusing on these considerations should result in a new line that is built to maximize production time and support the production of safe, quality food into the future.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Realize the importance of a holistic approach to design.
  2. Understand that decisions made regarding equipment, infrastructure and line layouts have a long-lasting impact.
  3. Realize that winning in hygienic design results in long term success.

Nathan Mirdamadi
Commercial Food Sanitation