Technology/Food Safety: Food Safety, Traceability Record-keeping and Digitized Supply Chains: Preparing for a New Era in Baking

Food ecosystems are more complex than ever before. Changing regulations and trading partner requirements create a new level of compliance for companies at local and global level. One thing is clear, trading partners need to digitize their data, and prepare to be more transparent and nimble than ever before. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently released the proposed traceability record keeping rule for FSMA section 204. These preventative efforts extend internationally, as the US is working with Mexico, Canada and other countries on enhanced partnerships to work together on food safety. 

Learn how the drafted legislation may apply to your own food safety, data and product tracing programs. Hear how companies have approached digitizing their operations, and how solution providers are testing interoperability between blockchain and cloud based traceability solutions.

Julie McGill