Technical Presentation 8: Make the Most of Your Healthy Bakery Strategy

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Now more than ever, consumers are concerned about their health and wellness and they look to food & beverages, including the bakery category, as a core part of their efforts to increase overall wellbeing.

Building on existing technologies like added fiber and protein, new concepts such as fruit and vegetable powders can add a difference that sets your bakery products apart in a crowded space.  Flavor and textural modulators can also increase the potency of fiber and protein without affecting sensory attributes of your finished products.

But how do all these features work together? How can bakers successfully incorporate additional ingredients to improve the product’s health perception and nutritional profile while still delighting customers? This session will uncover strategies for formulation and production success in a market where health and wellness is sure to thrive for years to come.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand health-driven market trends in baked goods.
  2. Identify new ingredients their brands can use in formulations that promote health.
  3. Navigate formulation challenges in order to deliver differentiated products that meet market needs.

Guilley Guilfoyle