FRITSCH – has been synonymous in the world of baking engineering and technology with high-quality, efficient lines and pioneering innovation within the sector of dough sheeting and processing. FRITSCH’s machines are used to produce premium bakery products worldwide. Founded in 1926, FRITSCH has become the biggest German manufacturer of bakery machines through sheer innovative power and entrepreneurial spirit.

From artisan bakeries to industrial-sized bakeries. Irrespective of whether companies require sheeting machines, components or complete lines. FRITSCH offers efficient and technologically sophisticated solutions in all areas. The FRITSCH “Baker Centric Mindset” sets the company apart from its competitors with its creative engineering and unconventional solutions. Further success factors are the premium quality of its machines, its expertise and employee-oriented company culture. As a company with its eye on the future, FRITSCH relies heavily on research and development. The company holds the rights to multiple patents, and it has its own technology center for customers and for research purposes. Here, different combinations of FRITSCH lines are tested and new products or recipes are developed together with customers from all over the world.

Regardless of whether you want to bring a new product onto the market, to modify a production process, install a new industrial production line, or adapt a traditional process to industrial production, the World of Bakery offers you the option of testing relevant parameters and processes in advance. All this under real-life conditions and, of course, without hindering your ongoing production. If you want to experience FRITSCH live at our World of Bakery. The World of Bakery offers a fully-equipped, 50,000 ft² baking center to our customers. FRITSCH’s complete line and machine program is naturally at your service – from the smallest ROLLFIX to the industrial production lines from the FRITSCH IMPRESSA program. This means baking technology at its best. This is how the World of Bakery, coupled with the expertise and passion of its employees, offers our customers the best possible support to develop their optimum product.

When we speak of quality at FRITSCH, we do not only see the individual product, but rather the entire value-added process. For guaranteed consistent quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

The success of FRITSCH is based on the great innovative strength of the company and the high quality standard of our products. With our ISO9001 certified quality management system, we guarantee our customers a reliable, high product and service quality that is up to the challenges of the global market.