Handtmann is a family-owned company headquartered in Biberach, Germany that manufactures dough dividing, extruding and portioning equipment for the baking industry. Handtmann offer equipment solutions for the production of gluten and glute-free products ranging for small operations to fully automated bakeries for breads, pizza, batters, co-extrusion and fillings dosing for sheeted and laminated products.

Handtmann equipment features multiple benefits for the baker such as a patented adjustable vane cell and integrated servo technology that delivers consistent weights and portion accuracy of 1% depending on the type of dough type.

An optimized hygienic wash-down design that eliminate food safety concerns and the risk of product contamination.

Very short path and gentle handle of delicate dough or batters containing inclusions such as chocolate chips, grains and fruits.

Operator friendly controls that simplify any adjustments required during production also reduce the product changeovers time.

Website:  handtmann.us